4 Big New Client Wins.

4 Big New Client Wins.

Gary Meyers
President and Chief Creative Strategist

BlackWing Creative flies high in 2019 with significant new accounts.


Gigamon, Santa Clara CA: A market leader in IT network security, Gigamon is used by 80% of the Fortune 100. BlackWing has been selected to help this rising star with integrated lead-generation marketing and Marketo implementation. gigamon.com


Neustar TRUSTID, Palo Alto, CA: A $1.2 billion company that specializes in connecting companies and people. Neustar TRUSTID prevents phone fraud by identifying 100% of customer calls before telephone reps pick up the line.

BlackWing is working with this market leader to help fill the sales pipeline with account-based marketing campaigns that result in face-to-face sales meetings. trustid.com


Stanford, CT: Charter Communications is $43 billion company delivering a range of telecommunications and media services under the brand name Spectrum. BlackWing is helping reposition products and revamp the Spectrum library of content. spectrum.com


New York, NY: Persado, a marketing AI company, inked a $62 million agreement with JPMorgan Chase and is growing an astounding pace. BlackWing is working with Persado to create audacious, account-based-marketing programs —which are delivering results far above industry benchmarks. persado.com