Don’t count Facebook out of your B2B social marketing mix

Stephanie Cooper, Account Director

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For marketers, picking which digital platforms to master is a critical decision. A lot of B2B companies focus their efforts on LinkedIn, however Facebook is just as important. A new eMarketer report found that 29 percent of B2B businesses say Facebook was the most important social media platform on which to market their business and Facebook tied LinkedIn in effectiveness among B2B businesses.

With the future of digital interaction increasingly pointing to mobile, the amount of time Facebook users spend on mobile devices should be greatly considered. According to a Flurry Analytics, ComScore stat, users spend 17% of time on Facebook, as compared to 1.5% on Twitter, and 9.5% on “other” social media.

The more social channels you use to reach your audience, the better. And using every opportunity to capture contact information is beneficial.

Here are five tips to maximize prospect engagement and lead generation on your company’s Facebook page.

And here are seven reasons why Facebook is more effective than LinkedIn for B2B marketing.

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