Tech Marketers and IT Pros – The Great Divide

Steve Wilcox, General Manager - San Francisco

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As a full service marketing agency, BlackWing Creative is in a unique position to witness what many IT Solution Providers are using in order to garner leads and make sales. There’s a LOT of also-ran tactics that make perfect sense to individual companies, but are likely to get lost in the blur of marketing to IT professionals.

I actually feel bad for these IT pros. What company “isn’t” writing a whitepaper and sending it out into the Techie sphere hoping to snag a lead? How many marketing automation emails are hitting IT Decision-Maker’s inboxes everyday? No wonder tech pros are bulk deleting emails and turning to their peers (PEOPLE) for everything they need when making a decision. The marketing automatons are on full attack every day (think Walking Dead), and very few folks are even trying to build human relationships.

Turns out, that’s exactly what decision makers are looking for — Shocker! Spiceworks has a great article, “How to Win Friends and Influence IT Pros” that clearly shows how Marketers are behaving vs. how IT Pros actually want to receive and use information. One insight from this article is that anything you can do to get these IT people talking to each other is incredibly effective when it comes to standing out in a never-ending desert of mediocrity — including marketing tactics that are non-traditional, or just flat out funny.

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