Welcome to BlackWing Creative. Spike Takes to the Air.

Gary Meyers, President

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Welcome to BlackWing Creative. The new agency formed by the acquisition of San Francisco’s Alt by Seattle’s Hodgson/Meyers. The coming together of two premier B2B creative agencies.

Why “BlackWing Creative?”
The name “BlackWing” has some mystique. It’s got a smidgeon of bad-ass. It has authority. It brings forward the characteristics of Spike, the Hodgson/Meyers woodpecker icon.

BlackWing Creative

Flying With A New Logo
Art Director Charlie Worcester, who designed our new look, says the 2014 Spike is “crisper, sharper, and bolder. He is active, moving, in flight. His chest-forward, beak-up posture is assertive and confident and “attitudinal.” His wing is “always forward, indicating authority and leadership.”

The BlackWing type, a slightly customized Proxima Nova is big and bold and loud. It demands attention. It aligns well with our tagline, “Make Noise. Get Noticed.” The letterforms are fresh, modern and stylized to fit a bold new agency.


  1. Looking good in the ‘hood, Spikesters! New name resonates with deep cover ops. New look means business, poised for attack. Great job, C-Dub. Okay, team, I’m expecting you all to kick derrière and take nombres. Signed, A former flyer himself, G2

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