Be Sure. Be Kryton.

Kryton International manufactures a unique waterproof sealing product that protects concrete from leaking, especially in large commercial construction projects. BlackWing Creative was brought in to develop new positioning, creative visuals, brand guidelines and marketing templates. Our goal was to create an “umbrella” brand with very specific messaging aimed at six distinct audiences: building owner, architect, engineer, general contractor, applicator and ready-mix provider.



To build credibility and market authority, and to reinforce the confidence that is derived from using Kryton products, we showcased Kryton’s involvement in marquis projects worldwide. These types of projects – dams, bridges, skyscrapers – are subject to enormous risk if their concrete is not 100% stable. We brought forward some judicious FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in the work to evoke an emotional resonance. And to show customers how their projects could be in potential jeopardy by using products other than Kryton. The challenge was to bring that FUD and emotional resonance to all six audiences.

Kryton FUD


We created a set of, in the client’s words, “world-class marketing materials” that included brand standards, Web, print, online advertising, corporate collateral, trade show, packaging, technical literature, distributor materials, newsletters and case studies. With unique messaging to Kryton’s distinct buyers.

Kryton - Concrete Results