Welcome to BlackWing Creative.  We produce adventurous and innovative marketing for some the world’s top business-to-business and technology brands. Named by Advertising Age as one of the top B2B agencies in the U.S. from 2007 through 2014. Our offices are located in the twin pulses of the technology world: Seattle and San Francisco.

Did dull ever move or inspire you? Us either. Get some audaciously noticeable mojo humping for your company.

At BlackWing, all we do is B2B. And we do it with passion. Meet some of the team.

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  • Gary Meyers
    Kathleen Hart
  • Tim Hodgson
    Fortune Favors The Bold.
    Mitch Sieber
  • Tim Taricco
    John Kennedy
  • Sharan Ochsner
    Jonathan Butts
  • Charlie Worcester
    Steve Wilcox
  • Susie Murphy
    We Like To Make Noise.
  • Willem Buys
    Stephanie Cooper
  • Gina Markovich
    Dara Vann
    Audacity Trumps Ordinary.

The stuff we’re made of.

You’ll like our team. We take care of our clients. We’re flexible. We’ll work with your budgets, time frames and project parameters with good cheer and enthusiasm. And we’ll push back when we feel it’s right to do so.

Real people. We work hard, speak plainly and actively collaborate for your success. We enjoy what we do and the people we work with. We work without pretense or politics.

Big heads (brains, not egos). Business, technology and industrial marketing can be complex. We have some pretty smart folks who understand and communicate it in easy-to-understand and compelling ways.

We have high standards. We push very hard for exceptional work and service.

A little pushy. We actively encourage open dialog within our organization to bring new ideas and initiatives forward for our clients. Every member of our staff has a voice in this regard.

Powerful work. Our work is strong. We care about it deeply. Our clients rave about it. They get leads and recognition. We win creative awards.

Want to make big things happen? Contact us: getnoticed@blackwingcreative.com.