Alaska Airlines selected BlackWing to market its Air Cargo division. We were asked to create more national awareness for the division and to promote its capacity and range of shipping services. The client was looking to reinvigorate the Air Cargo brand with its own promise, personality, and competitive differentiation, while still aligning with the tone and character of the passenger side of the organization.

Engaging and authentic storytelling.

Our “Amazing Feats of Cargo” creative theme is distinctive. It has big personality and (accurately) defines Alaska as providing unrivalled expertise and knowledge. Whatever you need shipped, and wherever you need it shipped, Alaska will make it happen. The campaign is positive and aspirational. The creative delivers a touch of humor via playful, visual exaggeration, making the brand friendly and approachable.

Amazingly versatile.

The campaign platform translates well into a variety of marketing vehicles, such as print and digital advertising, customer newsletters, email and direct mail, Web, videos, trade show displays, sales collateral, and promotional items.

Air mail.

How to best convey the extra cargo capacity of Alaska’s new freighters? BlackWing recommended and developed a unique, high-quality, high-impact mailer that was sent to individual freight forwarders and shippers around North America. And it got a 27% response rate.