Alaska Air Cargo

Amazing feats.

BlackWing is the agency for the Air Cargo division of Alaska Airlines. Our job is invigorating the cargo brand with its own promise, personality, and competitive differentiation, while increasing national presence and overall capabilities.

Road Ends - Alaska Air Cargo

"Going Nowhere" Radio Spot (30 sec)

Amazing Feats of Cargo

Engaging and authentic storytelling.

Our “Amazing Feats of Cargo” creative theme is distinctive. With big personality. The campaign is positive and aspirational. Whatever you need shipped, and wherever you need it shipped, Alaska will make it happen. The creative delivers a touch of humor via playful, visual exaggeration, making the brand friendly and approachable.

Alaska is everywhere.
Criss. Cross.
Space Ships.
You just can't ship seafood any fresher.

“BlackWing brings us fresh thinking and spectacular creative work.”

Rick Bendix, Marketing Director
Alaska Air Cargo

Amazingly versatile.

Our brand work has translated into a variety of marketing vehicles, such as print and digital advertising, customer newsletters, email and direct mail, web, videos, trade show displays, sales collateral, and promotional items.
Tradeshow Booth
Alaska just got bigger.
Fill our bellies.


“Snackable” content delivers mini stories quickly, in an entertaining way.

Alaska Air Cargo: Ocean to Table.