The digital identity protection company, Centrify, was in a David vs. Goliath situation: being dramatically outspent by competitors in terms of marketing dollars. They asked us to create a powerful awareness campaign with incredible show stopping power to maximize every media dollar.

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Cyber vulnerability.

Our visually arresting campaign hit competitors head on by exposing their biggest weakness — leaving half of users exposed to cyber criminals. The creative hammered home the fact that only Centrify offers full protection for both end-users and IT administrators. And it urged prospects to not settle for half of a solution.

“This new brand creative won two national awards for us. And more importantly, BlackWing pushed our executives out of their comfort zones and into a more modern, forward-thinking approach to advertising and lead generation.”

Keshila Vallot Shannon
Senior Director of Global Marketing

Half protected is half not.

Moving on up.

The campaign has achieved overwhelming response. And of greatest importance to the client is that Centrify is now getting a seat at the table within enterprise organizations.