In the category of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Fortune 1000 companies are very active participants. And they require technology partners to make their charitable programs operational and impactful. While CyberGrants has provided rock-solid CSR software to enterprise organizations for the past 20 years, their story, brand, and marketing did not look the part.

Telling a story visually.

CyberGrants reached out to BlackWing to revitalize their brand. And to create a position and visual story that fully communicated their overall mission and industry authority. BlackWing provided brand new positioning, messaging, visual and corporate identity.

Helping hands.

The new graphic “hand” is representative of concepts around “helping,” which are the drivers of the CSR industry. The tagline, “How Incredible Happens,” speaks to the acts of good that CyberGrants customers create throughout the world, and the role that CyberGrants plays in helping those acts come to life.