How Do You Transform A Brand That Transforms Lives?

Gary Meyers
CEO and Chief Creative Strategist

CyberGrants is an innovative leader in grant management software that every year facilitates billions of dollars in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Over the course of 20 years, the organization advanced to the point where its brand did not properly reflect the incredible impact it has on helping companies do astounding amounts of good throughout the world.

Enter BlackWing Creative, the bold B2B marketing agency that specializes in brand transformations. BlackWing worked closely with the CyberGrants executive leadership team to redefine and bring the organization’s story to life — including its brand promise, position, and personality.

Then BlackWing developed a new messaging and brand identity platform, complete with a new logo, brand guidelines, and website design.

CyberGrants CEO Mark Layden says: “As part of our aggressive investment in the future, we felt that it was a good time to better visually represent what we do. Our new logo, a graphic, artistic hand, symbolizes helping our clients — and ultimately their beneficiaries. Giving a hand has two important and distinct meanings: helping someone, and acknowledging hard work and success. These concepts are the embodiment of CyberGrants … and most importantly, our clients.

“Our new tagline, ‘How Incredible Happens,’ speaks directly to the incredible acts of good our customers create throughout the world, and our role in helping those acts come to life — whether it’s providing creative technical solutions to giving challenges, offering strategic guidance on programs, or virtually holding the hands of applicants and donors as they make their requests.”

Gary Meyers, CEO of BlackWing Creative, says: “Were extremely proud of the role we’ve played in helping CyberGrants. By getting employees to understand that they aren’t just members of a technology company, but members of a force for good that has an impact on lives around the world, we’ve helped to re-invigorate the entire organization. You can clearly see this mission brought to life in the fresh and powerful new brand work.”

In addition to a new brand platform, BlackWing Creative is helping CyberGrants with a number of marketing initiatives, including sales support, trade show events, and customer communications.