76 Shoeboxes Delivering $100.1 Million In Revenue.

Jonathan Butts
President and Executive Creative Director

Who says direct mail marketing is dead? With help from BlackWing Creative, Unisys, a global leader in information technology services and support is reeling in a mind-boggling $100.1 million in new revenue from a single DM campaign.

According to BlackWing Creative’s Executive Creative Director, Jonathan Butts, “This is what’s possible when all of the stars align. We were able to produce a concept that had a lot of creative swagger, we had an exceptional mailing list, our offer was unique, and the follow-through from Unisys sales reps was tightly integrated. In 20 years I’ve never had a campaign that generated numbers like this.”

The goal of the campaign was to book face-to-face sales meetings with CXOs and senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies. In order to grab the attention of this hard-to-reach audience, Unisys sent an impressive black shoebox mailer that tapped into a major concern for these executives — the race to enable digital workers and avoid being surpassed by competing companies.

In return for taking a meeting with Unisys, campaign responders received a custom pair of Unisys-branded Nike running shoes, hand delivered by a sales rep. An astounding 34% of people who received the mailing scheduled meetings with Unisys. The contracts associated with these meetings total over $100 million (to date). And the ROI on the direct mail campaign is currently over 3,500%.

Global Marketing Director for Unisys, Lisa McClaine says, “Back in 2015 we began working with BlackWing Creative because of their focus on bold B2B marketing. Not only have they helped us achieve outstanding results, their continued partnership has helped us break away from traditional, reserved communications, shake off old attitudes and make a major cultural shift.

“Working with BlackWing as an integral member of our team we’ve built a spirit of camaraderie among internal groups that has everyone on fire with enthusiasm for future campaigns. That’s no small feat for a global enterprise organization.”