Caples 2024

BlackWing Will Weigh in on the World’s Best Creative Work.

Jonathan Butts
President and Executive Creative Director

Chief Creative Officer, Jonathan Butts will be judging the 2024 International Caples Awards this spring. This storied competition has spanned nearly five decades and is the first of the major global advertising award shows of the year.

The Caples Awards is considered a bellwether for work that wins later on in the year at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

“I’ve judged the usual bevy of national and global ad competitions over the years, and nothing is quite like Caples,” says Jonathan. “It’s run by creatives for creatives. The debates among creative directors from around the world regarding what constitutes brilliant work are illuminating and inspiring. And it’s a show that’s all about rewarding genius problem-solving and masterful creative execution across every level of work, not just mega-campaigns.

“I also love that Caples isn’t one of those money-driven trophy mill competitions. Entry fees are reasonable. It’s tough to win. The judges are very discerning. It’s not fueled by which ad campaign had the biggest production budget, the hugest celebrity endorsements, the most extensive media buy, or heaven help us, the best case-study video.”

About the Caples Awards.

The Caples Awards were founded by BBDO copywriter Andi Emerson in both memory and honor of the legendary copywriter, Creative Director, and author John Caples. Originally a show to recognize creativity in Direct Marketing, The Caples now has categories for ‘traditional’ advertising and PR as well as categories for AI, ambient, digital, direct mail, experiential, integrated, and mobile advertising.

The Caples Awards was the first show to have a Courageous Client award. This is in the jury’s gift to award to any client-side individual who has clearly invested in and put faith in creativity.

The Andi Emerson Award is the President’s personal recognition of an individual who has given exceptional service to the creative community.

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