How Do You Design For Masters of Building Design and Construction?

Jonathan Butts
President and Executive Creative Director

When one of California’s most esteemed construction firms asks you to reinvent their entire brand and build a showcase website, you sweat a bit. Buckets, actually.

An immense amount of thinking, intention and refinement went into every aspect of the new brand expression and digital presence we developed for BCCI Construction. And when you have a very discerning, detail-focused, aesthetic-minded client that is also incredibly collaborative and invested in the end-product, wonderful things happen.

The Thinking’s Built In.

Not only is “The Thinking’s Built In” BCCI’s tagline, it’s the approach that BlackWing takes to every assignment. We brought this to life by creating a brand platform that interlaces visual representations of the brilliant minds working at BCCI with equally impressive photos from the company’s award-winning projects.

How Do You Design For Masters of Building Design and Construction?

Smart. Inspirational. Effective.

In the construction industry, serving up loads of eye-candy that gets people’s minds fired up and promotes your craft is essential. The new BCCI site does this, and a lot more.

Right from the home page, BCCI gives visitors the ability to tailor their digital experience based upon job function. Industry specific content, relevant building projects, articles and additional assets are automatically curated for each visitor. And multiple opportunities to engage directly with BCCI abound throughout the website.


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