BlackWing Creative Scores Four Major Accounts.

Gary Meyers
CEO and Chief Creative Strategist

BlackWing is flying high with four significant new-client wins.

Boston-based Nuance: A $2 billion, 18,000-employee company that pioneered the highest functioning speech software technology in the world. Nuance designs and delivers AI and machine-learning technologies that intuitively link people, devices and global data storehouses of knowledge.

BlackWing has just launched a new brand awareness campaign for Nuance Healthcare, as well as several extensive lead-generation campaigns and event marketing initiatives.


Finland-based Basware: One of Europe’s leading providers of e-invoicing, e-procurement and financing software. BlackWing is helping Basware make a big splash in the U.S. with an audacious new brand campaign and lead-generation initiatives.


Chicago-based Kaufman Hall: One of the most revered financial-performance-improvement firms in the world. Kaufman Hall provides a powerful combination of software, data management and consulting to help organizations thrive in an increasingly volatile marketplace.

BlackWing is working with Kaufman Hall to strengthen their brand positioning and creative platform, which will be revealed in an upcoming brand campaign launch later this year.

Kaufman Hall

South Africa–based SYSPRO: an undisputed leader in ERP software for manufacturing that maintains an astonishing 98% customer loyalty rate. For over 40 years SYSPRO has dedicated itself to advancing one ERP platform, built for one industry, with one purpose — to deliver the best manufacturing outcomes in the world.

BlackWing is launching a gutsy awareness and lead-generation campaign for SYSPRO. The work brings to life the “love of manufacturing” that SYSPRO shares with its clients by using very unexpected and engaging creative executions.