RM One

A Powerful New Brand Built for Groundbreaking Construction Tech.

Jonathan Butts
President and Executive Creative Director

One of the most prestigious builders in the San Francisco Bay Area has given life to new tech that will shake the entire industry. BlackWing Creative was honored to help name, position, and launch this start-up with a stunningly beautiful and strategically sound new brand.

What’s in a Name?

A lot, actually. We came up with the name RM ONE because the number one factor that impacts construction profit margins is human capital. RM ONE is easy to say. And it’s an acronym that stands for Resource Management Optimization Network Engine.

RM ONE is the only technology built by and for construction pros to help accurately visualize, predict, manage and maximize human capital. And what’s more, it’s the only way to replace the mishmash of staff management tech that firms use now with a single, unified platform.

RM One

Crush the Competition or Collapse? Messaging Makes the Difference.

Without a compelling, unique, unifying story, any emerging brand is doomed to fail. That’s why BlackWing thoroughly dissected the competitive landscape and carved out a valuable space that only RM ONE can own. We then defined this position in writing and crafted a full message house that no other company can come close to matching.

Visuals That Communicate With Beautiful Simplicity.

RM ONE brings amazing clarity to the gnarly, constantly changing cluster !@#$ of staffing information that construction firms deal with. Just like the insightful dashboards and AI-driven solutions that RM ONE serves up, our brand for the company is built upon a visual system of multifaceted, energetic lines and shapes that represent order over chaos.

A Site to See.

In addition to developing a complete message house and brand style guide, we brought RM ONE to life online through a unique digital presence. BlackWing architected, wrote, and designed the complete RM ONE website that is now in development.


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