Numbers don’t lie. Snail mail marketing is making a comeback.

Samira George
Junior Copywriter

Email, display ads, social and other forms of digital B2B advertising are an effective way to relay an immediate thought. However, research reports show that these media channels on their own are losing the ability to be effective.

Experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads each day.1 And a recent United States Post Office report suggests that millennials, as just one age group, are suffering from digital fatigue to a point that they actually prefer physical correspondence over the glow of a screen. Nearly 50 percent of millennials are so overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of digital ads that they either ignore them, look to ad blockers for help, or try to avoid using technology altogether.2

The big surprise for many marketers is that the current era of digital overload is fueling a resurgence in the effectiveness of direct mail (DM) marketing. In fact, studies show that direct mail now offers an average of 29% return on investment (ROI).3*

As you would suspect, the amount of physical mail an average business receives is on the decline, so there’s more opportunity for businesses to stand out. According to recent data from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail response rates are at an average of 9% and climbing. This stands in stark contrast to average response rates for email at 0.6% and online ads at 0.2%.3

Direct mail isn’t going to dethrone digital. But the right strategic blend of digital and DM marketing is delivering some of the best B2B results we’ve ever seen.

As one of the world’s leading B2B marketing agencies, BlackWing Creative runs scores of integrated awareness and lead-generation campaigns every year. What we’ve discovered is that the right cadence, placement and focus of digital marketing followed by highly targeted direct mail delivers far superior results.

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Unisys generated over 3,500% campaign ROI, and more than $100M in new revenue from one direct mailer.


Proofpoint increased engagement with 15% of DM recipients booking face-to-face sales meetings.

Alaska Air Cargo

Alaska Air Cargo ran an integrated lead-generation campaign including direct mail that generated a 27% response rate.