Who Will Score a Coveted Mobius Award?

Chairman of the Board

BlackWing is proud to announce that Executive Creative Director Jonathan Butts will assist in judging the 2018 Mobius Awards.

Thousands of entries from over 20 countries have been evaluated, and winners will be announced in early 2018 — see past Mobius winners here.

The prestigious jury panel is comprised of creative leaders from countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, UAE, Peru, Poland and Pakistan.

About the Awards.

Mobius Awards was established in 1971 in Chicago as part of the U.S. Television and Radio Commercials Festival.

Mobius Awards takes its name from the Mobius strip, a strip of paper that when twisted once and joined at the ends presents a single edge and a single face reversing themselves and continuing indefinitely. Thus, the Mobius Statuette is a three-dimensional version of a Mobius strip.

More information can be found at mobiusawards.com.