A Website With Soul and Purpose.

Tim Taricco
Interactive Developer

We’re honored to be a part of helping the All For Humanity Alliance (A4H) in its fight against child exploitation and human trafficking. Take a look at the website we recently built and launched for A4H.org.


A Tailored Experience for Each Audience.

The A4H website serves up loads of educational resources and provides one-click social posting functionality for any student, parent, influencer, or organization that wants to join the movement. The website also gives everyone the ability to find volunteer opportunities, donate, sign up for news alerts, and even buy branded A4H merchandise to show support for the A4H cause.

Engineered to Perform.

There’s always a balance between beautiful design and top-ranked website performance. A4H.org accomplishes both. The A4H.org site was built and optimized to provide the best possible visitor experience. Google PageSpeed Insights measures 4 key website components using a 1-100 scale: Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. The A4H.org website scores high in the most important test; mobile user experience. Google uses website user experience as a key factor in determining search engine placement, which makes high report scores critical to success.

Lighthouse Report

Superstar Influencers and Partners.

Having Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and other big-time celebrities on any site is always a bonus. We integrated a wide array of videos into the site from key partners that are supported by A4H. And we provided multiple opportunities for people to see the impact that these organizations make on the front lines of combatting human trafficking and child exploitation.


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