Improving Healthcare Exponentially.

Jonathan Butts
President and Executive Creative Director

Tech companies are famous for speaking to themselves, touting complex product features, or bombarding everyone with buzzwords. We helped Nuance, a $2 billion, 18,000-employee company do the exact opposite.

Through close collaboration with the marketing and brand teams at Nuance Healthcare, we created a campaign that’s emotive, inspiring and backed by powerful benefit data. Most importantly, the work focuses on people versus technology — and drives home the many ways that we can multiply the positive impact of healthcare workers.

“One of the best things about BlackWing is that they are very engaged, listen intently to what we have to say and continually surprise us with exceptional work. They’ve developed some really strong creative and selected imagery that tell a story, it’s been very exciting to see all the creative elements come to life.”

Mark Geremia
Vice President of Marketing
Nuance Healthcare

“We’re fortunate to be working with such an intelligent, collaborative, dedicated group of partners at Nuance. I appreciate the fact that they’re equally fearless in their capacity to push us, and to trust us. It clearly shows in the work we’ve produced together and the great reception this campaign is receiving.”

Jonathan Butts
Executive Creative Director

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