Have you outgrown your brand?

Jonathan Butts
President and Executive Creative Director

Companies that undergo expansion and change can often flail and potentially fail without branding and messaging that rapidly evolves. Here’s how BlackWing helped one client go from start-up to global industry leader in just five years.

You may not have heard of AuthenticID, the undisputed front-runner for instant identity verification, but if you’ve gone through any number of airports around the world, bought a new mobile phone, applied for a loan, or interacted with the United States IRS, you’ve most likely used their technology. In fact, no other competitor comes close to AuthenticID’s record of 1 billion ID-verified transactions per month.

From brochure-wear to enterprise-class presence.

In 2017, AuthenticlD came to us with a simple, one-page website and big dreams. The company was already engaged with the largest telcos in the U.S. and actively making significant B2B enterprise deals. But its brand didn't reflect the immense value or uniqueness of what the company offered.

Original Site


BlackWing Revamp


BlackWing rapidly overhauled AuthenticlD's simple website and then developed a marketplace position and message house. That quickly grew into a full -fledged website, a complete brand visual platform, sales support materials, ROI calculators, a newsletter program, lead-gen marketing, oodles of content, and more.


Fast-forward a few years and, like many hot start-ups, AuthenticlD found itself in a position where its capabilities and the audiences it served had outstripped its brand.

Initially, the company was focused on using ID verification to fight fraud and organized crime. The brand had a gritty, NSA/MI6 vibe to it, with cloak-and-dagger espionage-type imagery and gutsy headlines. The new brand needed to go far beyond fraud prevention to embrace a host of new capabilities for governments, enterprise organizations, and consumers.

A beautiful brand metamorphosis.

BlackWing helped AuthenticlD hold on to its roots while evolving the company's brand and story to operate on a much larger global stage.

To accomplish this, we developed a brand centered on trust, security, and consumer control over personal identity information. In a landscape of ever-changing personal data laws and regulations, increasingly sophisticated fraudsters, and pent-up frustration with companies monetizing people's personal data, we cast AuthenticlD as a shining star guiding the way to positive change.


We took AuthenticlD's solutions that offered something for almost every person on the planet and created an energetic brand overflowing with optimism. Bright, energetic colors combined with graphics representing momentum and uplifting copy all worked together to create a positive and motivational brand that everyone could get on board with. BlackWing even thought through positioning and branding for sub-products. And a complete sister brand for the company's foundation, The All 4 Humanity Alliance.


Company Foundation Branding


If you've outgrown your brand, give us a shout.

We'll be happy to share more success stories like this one and lay out a course for your brand's future success.