Judging Some Inspiring Work At Creativity International Awards.

Jonathan Butts
President and Executive Creative Director

The Creativity International Awards never fail to fire up the imagination. And I count myself lucky to be among creative scions from around the globe judging hundreds of quality entries this year.

This competition has been recognizing great design, advertising and marketing since the 70’s. And it’s one of the longest-running, independent advertising and graphic design competitions in the world.

Naturally, mum’s the word on work I think will score big (winners will be announced in a month or so), but I can tell you there’s more emphasis than ever on social, mobile and IoT-driven creative ideas. That’s not a shocker, but it does have implications for organizations that conduct B2B marketing, especially given the fact that Millennials and Gen Z make up nearly 40% of the workforce, and a substantial portion of this audience has moved/is moving into key decision-maker roles.

Winning entries will be selected for their quality of art, or their advertising impact, or both. And I’ll be sure to post again when winners are announced.